Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Celtic Warrior #4

Fourth in the series of Celtic warriors this piece is carved from a piece of pruned Californian Lilac or Ceanthous as you may know it. After the harsh winter here in Gloucestershire many Ceanthous died back and were subsequently cut back! The wood is quite unstable as it dries and splits very easily. Luckily this piece split significantly at the back. Or was it the wood split and I carved the other side?

It does however colour beautifully with age. He's very white as he's newly carved but will darken with age.

Called William ap Howel (William son of Howel) he is a seasoned veteran of the shield wall.

Screaming his war cry or instructions to the rest of the men, William has the role to keep all warriors locked together during battle. Most warriors drank copious amounts of ale prior to fighting and many would be drunk as they fought so William himself may be inebriated.

On his head is a circlet with a runic symbol that is Elder Futhark in origin, 2nd to 8th century alphabet bought to the British Isles by the Saxon invaders. The specific rune is the Algiz rune which in the 5th century was considered to have magical protection properties and many warriors used the rune on weapons. The circlet probably was worn by a Saxon killed by William and taken as battle prize.

Finished with Danish Oil (ironically as the Danes were a future invader of Briton) and similar to the others a free standing or wall mounted piece. The piece stands 26cm or 10 1/4 " tall and approximately 7cm or 2 3/4" in diameter. The face is 15 cm or 6" long and 7 cm or 2 3/4" wide.

Probably the last in the series of Celtic Warriors (for now) the last photo shows all four together. I will be posting them all on Folksy and may only sell as a complete set!

What do you think?

(The eyes of Madoc ab Owain #1, RH side, are still to be finished)

Your comments as always are valued and welcome

~ Dave ~


Heather smith said...

superb work. I look forward to each piece you produce

Dave Jones said...

Heather, thank you I appreciate your comment.

ArtPropelled said...

I love the grouping of the four pieces. Wonderful!