Sunday, October 02, 2011

When a stick becomes something more

The stick in question is the favourite stick of a certain Barnaby Ray. He has been playing with it as a 'stick' for a while now. He then asked me to carve a face on it, this is the result.

The stick is about 1/2" in diameter and this next shot shows the face with more scale

Finished in vegetable oil so that my pal Barnaby doesn't get Poorly from chemical finishes. It also has his name and some patterns burnt into the area above the handle.

This is now the Warlock Wand and Barnaby's dad has been turned into a frog numerous times.

The next wand is for Barny's sister Florence Ray. She wanted an angel which as followers may know is not something I do!

As the photo shows this carving has a "beautiful" angelic face (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if Florence likes it that's good enough for me).

The wand has the usual Futhark Runes burnt into the wood with Florence's name at the top.

I tried to do wings coming from behind the face and with the thickness of the wood the end result was ok.

The photo above shows the back of the carving. Again finished in olive oil for safety and delivered to, I hope, a happy little girl.

Quite a departure from the usual, but something my own son has got excited about; my order book has increased by 1, soon to be 2, unfortunately your own children don't tend to be paying customers :)

Your comments as always are welcome.

~ Dave ~


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Jo Archer said...

Lucky Barnaby! You are so clever; I can't imagine having that much patience.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks guys. Jo, in other things my patience is very low:) in this it's just endless ;)