Saturday, September 03, 2011

Celtic Warrior #2

In the theme of Celtic warriors here is.......

Caradoc ap Meurig

During the 5th century after the Romans had vacated Briton these warriors were oathed to Warlords who had war bands of spear-men who fought for the Warlord and mostly it was a Briton on Briton fight, however the biggest threat to the Britons were the Irish and the Saxon; and as history tells us the Saxon was the biggest threat.

Caradoc chooses not to wear a helmet into battle as he feels it may impede his vision in the shield wall of the war band.

He is a pagan warrior who worships the God Mithras. Mithras was a Sun God of Roman / Iranian origin, followers are dwindling through the 4th and 5th century AD. There is little evidence that Mithras worship survived the 4th century but there is some thought that warriors across the empire that had not converted to Christianity could still have held onto older pagan beliefs and rituals. Mithraism was emphatically a soldier religion: Mithra, its hero, was especially a divinity of fidelity, manliness, and bravery; the stress it laid on good fellowship and brotherliness, its exclusion of women and the secret bond amongst its members have suggested the idea that Mithraism was like a Masonry cult for warriors. However there are some who state that Mithraism was a close rival to early Christianity and in fact a 'dry run' and the link to the warrior cult was only a part of the religion. gives a light hearted look at Mithras.

Warriors of this time would make 'Warrior Rings' hammered from the iron spear tips of men that they killed in battle; these rings would be worn on fingers or woven into hair and beards; the more rings you had the more prowess as a warrior you had. Caradoc has six Warrior rings woven into the end of his plaits; we can assume he has more than enough on his hands which would make him a very adept spear-man of his war band.

The carving stands 8" High and 3" wide with the overall piece of wood being 12" tall. Its a beautiful piece of British maple. This is a wall hanging piece that is finished in Danish oil
Woodwose Carving Celtic Warrior #002 Caradoc ap Meurig 2011

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junkpunk said...

wow amazing! I love the hair, it's really cool:)

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

What a powerful image.
Giving life to a piece of wood in a sublime way.

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...
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