Sunday, July 03, 2011

Green Man Twine Holder

I wanted to create a Green Man wall hanging piece that had a purpose other than just ornamental and here it is. The twine sits on a carved spike and therefore requires a ball that has a hole through the middle and where the twine unravels from inside to out.

Carved from a stick plucked from the floor of a wood in Powys.

The Green Man is thought to be a Pagan symbolism depicting fertility or natures spirit, however many Green Man carvings are found in churches apparently taken on by Christianity, as with many symbols of pre Christian faiths, to help swing the population towards the new faith.

One Celtic god Viridios has a name meaning "Green Man" in both the Celtic languages and Latin possibly being the origins of the "Green Man"

The features are picked out with a mid Oak Danish Oil which adds shading highlights.

The leaves take longer to carve than the hair on a Woodwose and give the carving a very different look

The overall length of the piece is 12 1/2" and the diameter at the carving is 1 1/2"
The face is 3" top to bottom of the leaves carved and 1 1/4" wide

It holds a standard ball of twine purchased from every garden centre. the twine ball for your information is 120meter length and is 4" high and 2.5" diameter.

You may have noticed this is a re-post of an older piece as I've adapted it to hold the twine.

This is available for sale

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Jo Archer said...

This is a little gem too. Such a wise old face.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Jo: Still following The Crow Road just too lazy, I guess, to comment; Sorry, because I still love your blog. regards Dave

Blu said...

I love the close ups of the Green Man fascinating.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Blu :-)