Sunday, February 06, 2011

Green Man in Age Worn Ash

Carved from a piece of Ash found on a winter walk in Shurdington this carving is technically only the second Green Man I have carved. The first being on the "useful Carving Doodle"

The darkness from the wood is age staining. this piece of wood has been lying out in the elements for a while before being salvaged.

The contrast between the age greyed outer surface and the carving revealed inner wood offers a beautiful look to this fella

He is finished in Danish oils so could sit outside in the garden, he would need re-coating once a year though. I have him hanging in the kitchen watching over the family (See last photo).

He is 23.5CM long (along the face axis) and across the face 6CM at the widest part. the branch is 12CM pushing him off the wall by 15CM

I love the way this guy sits on the wall (see below) and the irregular shape looks as though its protruding from the wall, almost growing.

Your comments and thoughts as always are welcome

Watch for him appearing on the Folksy Shop page for sale.



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Blu said...

Superb! the way you have photographed this piece on the wall !! comes to life!