Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lord of The Woods

Sycamore with an oil finish.

This carving has been enhanced with the use of the new pyrography machine.
I have spent time enhancing the carving through burnt shading. The pyrography work takes time but gives a better contrast to using dark wax and I have so much more control over the colour and density of the shading, while keeping the light colour of the sycamore un-tainted from a blanket waxing.

The addition of the pyrography design of blackberrys lends a different aspect to the carving; I wanted to make it look like he is looking through a wild blackberry bush.

Finished with runic writing giving the carving its name "Lord of The Woods", "Woodwose Carving" with the year of creation.

Let me know what you think.........!


Blu said...

I really like the addition of the blackberries.

Jane said...

I love the combo of carving and pyrograhy Dave, they really compliment each other.

I was on a forum the the other day and someone was talking about wood carving and saying that they'd lost a link to a really good site. So I put your blog link ...and guess what was your link she'd lost lol. Good coinsidence eh lol.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Jane i appreciate it; both the comments and the plugging of the site.

Blu the pyrography believe it or not takes twice as long as the carving.... but its worth it in the end. thanks for the comments.

Robyn said...

The Blackberries certainly add a new aspect to the carving. Very nice!!! The burnt shading technique is worth the extra time.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn, glad you like it and yes i agree worth the extra effort.


ChuckT said...

Very nice work. Love the pyro on the piece. I have a particular love for blackberries. Had a barn whose back and sides were covered in blackberry bushes next door to where I grew up. Used to harvest bucket after bucket of the berries. YUM!!! So juicy. Well done on the carving and the pyro.