Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sphaeroblast Carving 2 Jan 2009

Sphaeroblasts ranging in size. The penny gives you an idea of size. some in the top right hand corner are still covered in bark.

there are a number which have been threaded onto a leather thong post drilling and show the sphaeroblast as rustic wooden beads.
Most of the sphaeroblasts here are beech. the range in colour are due to age differences; the lighter ones have recently been harvested. none of them have been finished with oil,varnish or wax.

Here are a number of carved sphaeroblasts finished with varnish.

As this photos shows slightly larger sphaeroblasts can be made into a key ring or pendant. the top two here are finished with lacquer

The carved sphaeroblasts are attached to a leather thong and varnished.

I didn't get chance to get out this weekend to get photos of the sphaeroblast still on the tree. perhaps next weekend. I did however get a sycamore branch from my father in law and have started a new woodwose.


Jane said...

Hi Dave, just wanted to pop by and say hello and also say how much I love your sphaeroblasts ( even though I haven't got a clue how to pronouce that word lol, especially the wizard looking one carved in a stick.

Dan Young said...

Sphaerotastic! these are cool, the keyrings look so tactile, you would never lose your keys because you would never let go!

Robyn said...

The sphaeroblasts are great! They remind me of Netsukes