Saturday, December 06, 2008

Irish Driftwood 5 Spirit Carving 2008

This piece is drift wood that comes from the Irish sea and scavenged from the County Wexford Coast on the east coast of Southern Ireland.

It hangs amoungst clematis on a willow arch.

The wood is from a tree root which gives it its unique shaping to hold the 5 carvings. it is partialy burnt having survived being used as fire wood on the beech.
A totaly unique piece not found anywhere else. this piece will hang in my garden for years to come.


stephenmakesart said...

cool work

etropic said...

WOW! What a unique talent!

Robyn said...

This piece is wonderful! I love the gnarly tree root.

I've just discovered your blog via Blucamels in Brittany. She mentioned both our blogs in a post today.