Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Historical Pieces

These three guys represent the early days of Woodwose Carving. Before I received my set of carving knives and as I was exploring my style, approach and ethics to spirit carving.

Starting from left, this old guy is Willow from the tree in my back garden and gifted to my mum and now lives in Churchdown Glos. the centre piece is plum and was given to my aunt in Minehead Somerset. Finally the right hand piece is again plum and lives with the Robinsons (the in laws) in Shurdington Glos.
All are finished in varnish and any painting is acrylic.
These guys are a very important part of where I am now and will always remind me of where I started. Its quite fitting they should be posted towards the end of the first year of Woodwose Carving.

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