Sunday, November 30, 2008

About the Carvings 2008

Dave is a trained Cabinet Maker although he hasnt been doing that for years. Carving is a venture back into the world of wood.

I started carving in March 2008 and aim to create carvings to sell and present as gifts (Ornaments and walking sticks)and I am happy to undertake commissions.

All my carvings are from wood found or donated, many from scrap pieces collected walking through the Gloucestershire countryside.

Much of the work is done with knives and palm chisels and rarely do I plan or draw the Woodwose prior to starting; each one emerges from the wood and sometimes I am surprised and pleased to meet the final piece.

Every one is special to me and I keep a library of all Woodwose Carved. I have named some but that privilege rests with the new keeper not me.

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